Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Day 2

Even more fun on day 2~
FISHING, of course!

Poor Russ was so sunburned he was covered in blisters and couldn't wear a shirt! but it was evening and actually about 65-68 degrees!
This girl was soooo excited to catch a fish!

NOT as excited to get her picture taken with it!

This boy was born to fish.

Notice she is not holding it either!

As soon as she was told you needed to spit on the worm to catch a big one....she didn't hesitate!
(Yes, that is spit flinging through the picture!)

Yeah, H1!

WHAT A GIRL! She was willing to kiss it!
For real!

And she wanted to throw it back herself!
But it wanted to jump back in!

Look at those angels!

Russ even put on my sweatshirt for the picture!
Poor thing was in pain!

FINALLY sweet H3 CAUGHT her own fish!!!


We discovered that this was the same fish that got away from Jedd as his hook was also in this fishes mouth, so he wanted a picture with "his fish too!"

H3 kept looking at the dirt and slime on her hand!
It was almost too much for her!

And that concludes day 2!
I am averaging 200-250 pics a day!
And lovin' it!

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Stacey said...

You can never take too many! You can't go back and take them again you know!! Keep havin' fun!