Thursday, June 18, 2009

*sigh* I love being an aunt...

... but you already knew that.
But let me remind you why:

Nothing cuter than this:

or this:

doesn't he just make your ♥ melt!?

have you noticed what babies do with their toes?

this boy is not real fond of the grass:

but he is very fond of his momma!
... that's okay, I'll share.


jenni said...

So not fair!! I have to wait until my lil' brother gets married and decides to start a family before I get anymore nieces or nephews to love on. He's in Florida, so I won't even get to see them that often. Maybe I'll borrow yours! :)

Heth said...

Oh wow, he is adorable.

Kaye Butler said...

This covers several of your post, okay, all of them...

OMG they are so freaking cute! And you are doing great at getting them to smile and pose!

You go girl!

I get to do my first paying baby pictures this weekend.

TCKK said...

When I looked at the first picture I was thinking about how cute his feet were and was going to make a comment and low and behold you did a picture of nothing but his foot!! How cute!!!! Not just his foot, but his whole self!! lol

Lindsay said...

Love the shirt! Just love it!

GREAT photos Aunt Beth!