Tuesday, June 23, 2009

*sigh* Dear bloggy friends,

.... my life has been so rich, so full, and dramatically changing lately! I can't keep up, much less blog it all! I have so much to share. So many pictures. It is all saved up in my head and on my computer, waiting for the time to put more of it out there.

Some of it though, .....is unbloggable. There are those seriously bloggable moments... just wait till you see the father's day pics! totally bloggable. But other thing just aren't. I am soooo open and yet I am finding peace in keeping certain things private. I know, I know this is weird; I am rambling!

I guess I feel BAD to not share ALL of my heart with yall! I am just that silly, guilt over not being more open when I am SUCH an open book already! ha!

So this post has no pics. Just thoughts. Just a little openess about my lack of openess. *smirk*

Besides it is summer and we are having a blast! I hope yall are too!!!

We are having record high temps after being COLD up to now! Go figure! Iowa weather is soooooooooo fickle! *smile* But it beats the heat in Ark anyday of the week ......and weekends too.

Tonight I played the wii.
With Jedd.
Against Jedd.
I don't DO video games.
I have ZERO interest in them.
BUT we got a new game that I just had to try! And it was fun! Wii Active. I don't know what Wii Fit is like, probably fun too but costs way more so we got "Active"; I sure had fun tonight racing Jedd thru multiple sports moves and activities. I gotta say I did fairly well against that crazy bundle of energy! I didn't even cheat that much! Okay, so he would stop running occasionally so the race wouldn't finish before I go close to the finish line. It was cute. But he didn't let me win.

So hang in there! I will try to keep up with the bloggin! And if you miss me... call! or email me! We can chat there too! We all know that come winter I will have PLENTY of time to catch up! HA! I SOOO can't even think about WINTER right now! I refuse. AHhhhhhhh.... summer sun!

Just think how many of us were on dial up only a small few years ago! Times are a changin!


Dianne said...

Been 100 and over the past week! Makes you wonder why anyone lives in AR anymore.

Lindsay said...

Love you Beth!! Just love YOU!!

David said...

Nobody blogs everything... I HOPE! lol We'll trust your judgment. Thanks for what you do share.

Kaye Butler said...

Oh, I have some Wii Fit post. Check them out they are on the left under "Need a Laugh".

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