Thursday, June 25, 2009

Father's day part 3 "See Ed Splash"

Ahhh.... the joy of the river, peaceful quiet Sunday...


you must click on this to see it bigger and see his face!

Ed was eager to show Jedd how it was done. Jedd was scared to stand up on the tube so Ed got out there..... and.... splash... a few times.... it was great! I will thrilled to get them all on the camera!

Don't worry.... he was lovin it! SEE:

And little boys were watching....
... and laughing! a lot.

And when ed did this:

Daniel had to "gun" the motor and try to make him fall and he did this:

See Ed rest.

did you notice his wrist... took the watch off...


David said...

Is it just me or does Ed look a little like Robert Duvall?

Lindsay said...

Robert Duvall ... Ed is giving him a run for his money :)

Jennifer said...

These pictures are great! I found your blog through a friend of my looking at the pictures they are so sharp! Just wondering what kind of camera/lenses you used for these?