Saturday, May 2, 2009

10 minutes

I had about 10 minutes on Friday to snap a few spring pics around the yard.

Yes, it is finally turning green here. The snow is actually gone. (I know that with Sarah and I whining about snow for months and months on end yall had started to think we lived with snow year 'round! We don't BUT to me it is cold year around! To this Belle even on hot days the nights are cold! *smile* )
I first used my 18-200 lens. Then switched to the 50mm 1.8 that I am still borrowing from a friend. WOW! What a difference. These are all from the 50mm lens. It was soooo much easier to get a good picture without having to tweak them in Photoshop Elements.... I did crop and tweak a tiny bit on these. But not nearly what my first set would have needed. I didn't even wanna mess with those!
Above: I love this grass. Don't even know what it is called. I just love it! Planted it. But have NO idea what it is. The stripes are so perfect they look fake! God is so clever that way, isn't HE?
I have quickly found out that I do love manual focus when I am not in a hurry to get the shot. I just often forget which mode I was in last! ugh!

I love editing photos but I want to take great pics that DON'T NEED editing!

More time to do other things I love!

.... like take more pictures.

Is it just me or is it funny how adding words can transform plain pics into something emotional! Lindsay did it HERE on her pics and now I just have to copy her! Mypics aren't nearly as breathtaking but still, you get the point right?(Go look at hers too! Click HERE. THEY ARE AMAZING!
Here are mine:

Okay so it looks like there's a comma after the word "new". But since I enjoy seeing imperfection. It stays.


Lois Lane II said...

I LOVE the grass picture! It's so crisp!

TCKK said...

Great pictures! Yea! for spring!!!!!

Heth said...

These are beautiful.

Lindsay said...

LOVE these ... and they are just as breathtaking :)

Have a wonderful Sunday friend ... may it be full of GREAT things!!

Stacey said...

Cool fun pics!! I want that lens too!!!