Monday, April 27, 2009

April showers

We've had a way busy weekend! Spent much of the weekend at church services and events! But the boys really have had a fun weekend! It has rained ALL weekend~ finally on Sunday when I told Jedd to put on a coat to haul in groceries or he would get drenched.... his face lit up! "I WANT to get drenched!!!" I told him to put on play clothes and go for it! Soon Russ was home too and water guns were out.... they had a blast! They filled buckets at the downspouts and dumped them on their heads! And begged me to come take pictures! Of course.... I stopped baking.... and grabbed Cash!

Later that night after the evening service the boys walked ladies to their cars at church. Again then ended up drenched and LOVING it! I don't even know what shoes they wore to school today cause both pairs that fit were both soaked!
They also went out after dark (and after bed time with their daddy ) to gathered hundreds of worms to put in the mini-fridge in the garage for fishing! They will last all summer!!!
Happy happy boys!


TCKK said...

Yeah for the boys. Looks like they had a ball. And what sweet boys to walk ladies to their cars. And to get wet in the bargain. Nothing better than that!!!!

Worms! Yuck!! But I guess they're necessary for fishing. lol

Dianne said...

That's a memory they will share with their kids. Childhood flies by.

Lindsay said...

A riot ... an absolute riot! Your boys are always up to something fun!! :)

Heth said...

I love it. So much fun and all it takes is water.

Amie said...

Grabbed cash - you rock. Those pictures are great!